Zebra Jasper Triple Wrap


Genuine Zebra Jasper and White Jade Gemstones
Black Supple Leather
White Button Clasp

The black part of the Zebra Jasper balances the Root Chakra, Muladhara, corresponding with our survival instincts: the need for shelter, food, water, and financial security. When these needs are not met, the adrenal glands become stimulated, causing the release of adrenaline and cortisol. This causes stress and anxiety. Under-stimulation causes depression. Balance Muladhara Chakra in order to achieve a sense of security and contentment in order to rise through the chakras to a state of higher consciousness.

The white part of the Zebra Jasper, along with the white jade stones, represent Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra. The seventh chakra can be associated with the color violet or white and the element aether. Aquarius and Gemini end to reside in this chakra. An imbalance in Sahasrara can manifest as a heightened ego and false sense of spirituality. Only when we find balance in all of the chakras can we experience balance of the crown chakra, resulting in Samadhi, oneness with the spiritual and energetic world. In a body with a balanced seventh chakra the divisions in our walls, skin and clothes no longer limit us. We accept these lines as an illusion created by our mind and eyes. The realization that we are connected at a very deep, fundamental level gives us a sensation of peaceful bliss.