Gold Sparkle Triple Wrap

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Assorted Gold Glass Beads


Shell Button Clasp


This bracelet represents the third chakra, located between the navel and the solar plexus. Manipura, meaning “Jeweled City” in Sanskrit, is associated with the element fire. Leo, Aries, and Gemini tend to reside in this chakra. The sets of ten yellow jade beads represent the 10-petaled lotus flower of the third chakra. Upon balance of the first two chakras, we experience pratyahara, allowing us to direct our focus inward and direct our energy toward specific goals through dharana, deep concentration. An imbalance of Manipura could manifest as dominating competitive, compulsive, and stubborn. Contrastingly, under stimulation of the third chakra could result in feeling introverted, passive, submissive, or lacking self-confidence. We seek a balance of the solar plexus chakra in order to fulfill life’s purpose, dharma. Tapas, creating internal heat through exercise or breath is an easy way to stimulate Manipura, while dharana, deep concentration, helps to calm an overstimulated third chakra.